A Place of Great Change

“For these are the days of a great turn around,” saith the Lord. “And I am about to lead My people back to the place of change. When I changed My servants name it was at an altar. When I caused great victory to take place it was at an altar. When great deliverance befell My people it was at an altar and so now in these last and final days I am once again calling My people to the altar. For this is a place of great change. And as you bring your problems and bring your lack and bring your issues to Me at the altar I will cause a transformation to take place and yes I will even prepare you for the promise of the transference of the wealth of the wicked into your hands if you will come and meet me at the altar. For salvation has taken place at the altar and dedication has taken place at the altar and now I’m about to prepare a people at the altar. So be not dismayed or wonder from which this shall come from. For I’ll begin to flow out of you like mighty wind and mighty waves and you’ll begin to speak unto me yes in the language that I have made available unto you and I’ll cause the secret things to be made unto you in these last days and with great celebration and rejoicing in the midst of it all you will rejoice before me for I will make it good for thee,” saith the Lord. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Given by Dr. Creflo A. Dollar on 8/2/2006, at 2006 Southwest Believers Convention


A New Breed of Believer

“There is a mighty army in the land,” saith the Lord. “My army, My men and women. My armed family are rising up and taking their place in the authority of My kingdom and the dominion that I released on Adam of old is now coming alive throughout the earth and there are those that are speaking to satan, there are those that are speaking to the wars, there are those that are speaking to poverty, there are those that are speaking to sickness and disease and the devil is in the worse position he has ever been in 6,000 years. A new breed of believer is in the land. A believer a child of God who will not accept sickness nor disease as normal, will not accept poverty and debt but rise up in it and stand over it in the name of Jesus and declare the blessing.”

Given by Kenneth Copeland on 8/4/2006, at 2006 Southwest Believers Convention



You Are Learning

The Word of the Lord just came to me, and I heard the Holy Ghost say: “Revelation concerning My name, revelation concerning My power and revelation concerning manifestations of the miraculous and how to do it. How to walk in the power of My Name. How to walk in manifestations of the miraculous. How to walk in those things that before now have seemed to be just out of reach, all the time. Ah, but the revelation concerning these things, and using My power and how it is done and how it is released and how to walk in it is the land now—you are learning. You are learning. Those that have gone before you, and are already in heaven, they are learning.

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Time In the Word So Rivers Can Flow

“Many in this room need to spend more time in the Word. Not necessarily getting messages or something to feed someone else, but your own personal time in the Word. That the light that is in that Word can begin to penetrate your spirit and cause you to rise up to another degree. Make you taller. Make you greater. Make you more stalwart and make you (tongues) make you stronger in things, for these things that are about to break upon the whole world. For in your spending time in the Word, you will be like an athlete and that athlete would be exercising himself to become stronger and stronger. “

So I hear the Word of the Lord saying, “Exercise yourself more in the Word and you shall build spiritual muscle that in the time to come that reservoirs can flow through you by the Spirit of God. You will be ready. You will be transformed. You will be transparent of the Spirit. And He can see and you too by your eyes, He will make your eyes to see. (tongues) He will make you more alert. He will make your eyes more penetrating into realms that you need to read by the Spirit.” (tongues)

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