You Are Learning

The Word of the Lord just came to me, and I heard the Holy Ghost say: “Revelation concerning My name, revelation concerning My power and revelation concerning manifestations of the miraculous and how to do it. How to walk in the power of My Name. How to walk in manifestations of the miraculous. How to walk in those things that before now have seemed to be just out of reach, all the time. Ah, but the revelation concerning these things, and using My power and how it is done and how it is released and how to walk in it is the land now—you are learning. You are learning. Those that have gone before you, and are already in heaven, they are learning.

They are walking and learning, and it’s being revealed of them, and it’s being revealed to you, and they don’t have more than you do and you won’t have more than they do. For this is the time approaching My day,” saith the Lord. “And I will have a wellequipped army. I will have an endtime force that will not be stopped, will not be put down, will not be put back. And My glory shall be revealed in the earth and all men shall see it and it’s time,” saith the Lord. The Glory is here. Shout amen.

“Don’t pay any attention to all that mess the devil is calling. He’s calling it his. Don’t pay so much attention to what they say on television. The news media doesn’t know anything. All they know is what’s already happend and they can’t even figure that out. They don’t know the source of the trouble, they don’t know the answer to the trouble and they don’t know Me. So how could they know much? If you will pay attention to Me, I’ll show you what’s going on. I’ll show you how to be part of the answer, and you are already more a part of it than you have any idea, so don’t let them darken your blessing. Don’t let them put a stop to what I’m calling you to do. If you will stand up and speak to that demon of war, I will put Islamic fascism exactly where it belongs. I have defeated Islam and the end is near.” Hallelujah. Have no fear, have no fear! Read the back of the book. We win! Hallelujah.

Given by Kenneth Copeland on 8/5/2006, at Southwest Believers’ Convention

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