Time In the Word So Rivers Can Flow

“Many in this room need to spend more time in the Word. Not necessarily getting messages or something to feed someone else, but your own personal time in the Word. That the light that is in that Word can begin to penetrate your spirit and cause you to rise up to another degree. Make you taller. Make you greater. Make you more stalwart and make you (tongues) make you stronger in things, for these things that are about to break upon the whole world. For in your spending time in the Word, you will be like an athlete and that athlete would be exercising himself to become stronger and stronger. “

So I hear the Word of the Lord saying, “Exercise yourself more in the Word and you shall build spiritual muscle that in the time to come that reservoirs can flow through you by the Spirit of God. You will be ready. You will be transformed. You will be transparent of the Spirit. And He can see and you too by your eyes, He will make your eyes to see. (tongues) He will make you more alert. He will make your eyes more penetrating into realms that you need to read by the Spirit.” (tongues)

So more. More and more time with Him. Not just only praying in other tongues. Not just only worshipping Him, but time in the Word of God where the Holy Spirit can speak to your spirit (tongues). In doing so, light, more light will begin to flow to you. More light from the Word so then you will begin to pray by revelation and inspiration rather than what someone has already told you or something of the past or what is already written in the Word. You know those things already. I am wanting to release you,” saith God “to a higher flow. To a greater knowing. To a greater of the spirit of seeing and knowing.”

“That there would flow out of you rivers of living water. Rivers. Not one river. Not just the same river. Not that you would even stagnate in the pull that you were in but there would be rivers that would flow out of you. So there are new places. There are new tributaries by the Spirit of God that you are to (tongues)… New tributaries. There is a flow. There is a flow and a flow until rivers flow out of YOU. Not anemic trickling from dried up creek beds but rivers of living water to flow out of you in prayer. In other realms too, but in the realm of prayer.”

Say that right now – “Rivers are going to flow out of me! Rivers of living water!”

Given by Lynne Hammond on 8/7/2006, at Agape Faith Church, Clemmons, NC

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