Mighty Rivers Shall Flow

For up until this very time, you have only operated on the very fringes of what I have for you – what belongs to you, and what you are to flow in. The rivers that are to divide and to come forth out of you more and more and more. But as you continue to come to Me, as you continue to cry out to Me, as your heart, your very heart, and the desire of your heart match your cry from your mouth, surely you shall see the quickening. Surely you shall see the Holy Ghost. Surely you shall see Him in power and in miracles.

And from this place rivers, mighty mighty rivers shall flow, and even you shall know Him. You shall know Him in ways that you have never known Him. For the very mind that set the universe in orbit, the One that set everything in order, you shall know and you shall come and you shall reverence Him and you shall be a part of Him, and that which He wants to do, you shall flow in easily. It shall be easy for you, for more and more you shall hear more and more. Come up hither. Come up to the throne of God, for that is where everything is solved. That is where all situations are solved and more and more, you shall know that it’s the place that I’ve designed for it to be. Hallelujah, hallelujah.

Given by Lynne Hammond on 9/13/2006, at Living Word Christian Center, Brooklyn Park, MN

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