The Spirit of the Lord Is At Hand

Amen. But thank God Jesus knows what He’s doing and (tongues) Oh!

“The strategies are about to change because of My influence,” saith the Lord, “not because of political influence. I am bringing a change and you will see it very soon. Oh, there will be politicians on this side, get credit for it, and they’ll be politicians on the other side get credit for it, and there will be people that say ‘Oh, it’s because we have a Democratic congress. Oh, it’s because of this,’ and ‘Oh, it’s because of that,’ and I’ll tell you right now, it’s because I’m moving by My Spirit,” saith the Lord, “not by might or not by power, but My Spirit.”

“So be wise and look up and understand that the Spirit of the Lord is at hand and the Kingdom of God is at hand and I will not allow you or this nation to be pulled down. I am not done with it and your best hour is yet to come.”

Given by Kenneth Copeland on 11/10/2006, at 2006 Washington, D.C. Victory Campaign

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