A Time of Great Outpouring

“More and more, faster and faster in more clarity and detail, the anointing will cause revelation to flow and Mysteries in Christ to come clear as never before in these days in which you live. For these are the times when the mysteries shall be unveiled and you’ll say, ‘My, my isn’t that simple, isn’t that wonderful.’ Hallelujah. And it is and will continue to be that way because these are the times,” saith the Lord, “when ALL people will see the Glory. The whole earth shall be filled with it. Amen. This is that day and this is that hour and for those that are committed and those that are strong in the Word and those that put My Word first place in their life will, continue to flow and it will be continuous flow of revelation in your life and it’ll get sweeter and sweeter as the days go by. It’s harvest time!” Whew Glory, Glory be to God.

“Things are going to increase in intensity. There are those of you that will begin to experience an outflow and overflow not only of anointing to minister to people, but in the financial realm also. And the increase will come not because of more work or more effort on your part but because of the intensified flow of the Holy Ghost. Not by might, not by any other way except by My Spirit,” saith the Lord, “My power and revelation of the Love of God on a level and on a plane never before seen, never before understood by the general population of the Body of Jesus Christ. The revealings of the secrets of faith and power. Hallelujah. Glorified knowledge in the Holy Ghost and how to walk in anointings that will cause people to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior; Jesus as Baptizer in the Holy Ghost; Jesus as Healer and Jesus as Financier. You will be able to help them receive on a much higher plane and it will seem like, why this is just the most effortless thing I have ever seen and that is exactly true. We are walking into an effortless, sweatless anointing. Hallelujah. A time of great outpouring. Its here, it’s already in operation,” saith the Lord. “So jump in, jump in and enjoy the swim for the time has come.” Hallelujah. Whew, Glory, Glory, Glory!

Given by Kenneth Copeland on 7/3/2006, at 2006 Westcoast Believers Convention


  1. We,are responsible for the prayers assignment, in heaven there is no resumes, there is assignment that needs to be fulfilled, call to answer, gift to flow

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