Walking In Your Dreams

“Those things that I have spoken unto you and today they seem as if they are dead, I am about to release power to resurrect those things. For they shall surely come to pass, even as I’ve said. So prepare yourselves and renew your thinking unto Me,” saith the Lord.

“For I don’t speak a thing in vain and because you don’t see it right away doesn’t mean it’s not going to come. For these are your days that you will walk in to give Me the glory,” saith the Lord. “And I will begin to rejoice over you.”

“So prepare yourselves and think that those things are possible. For nothing is impossible when I’m in on it,” saith the Lord. “So prepare yourself and go in at ease and then others will begin to see those things that I’ve spoken unto you and the gifts that I have given unto you. Prepare yourself because an explosion is about to hit this place in My glory,” saith the Lord.

“So rejoice and be exceedingly glad that you are alive and in it today,” saith God. If you’ll begin to train yourself in the spirit and begin to pay attention to the promptings of the Holy Ghost, you’ll begin to experience great adventures with Him. Some of the places you’ll arrive in you’ll say, “My God, look at this.” He’ll remind you, “This is where I’ve been trying to get you.”

Let me tell you something, I know as sure as I stand here that many of you will start walking in your dreams in the next few months to come. You’ll start walking in your dreams. Hallelujah. Some of you will say, “Man, I used to dream about this.” But now you’re walking in your dream! My goodness! And you’ll even ask, “How did I get here?” It’ll be the Lord’s doing, honey. It’ll be the Lord. The Lord knows how to get you to the place where He’s called you to be. Amen.

Given by Dr. Creflo A. Dollar on 11/12/2006, at World Changers Church – College Park


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