Tips for Better Bible Reading, Part 1

Tips for Better Bible Reading, Part 1

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works. (2 Timothy 3:16–17)

I remember the day I made a quality decision to read my Bible every day. The Lord spoke to me and said, “The place that I will speak to you from is this Book.” I knew if I was going to hear God, I needed to be in the Word.

The same is true for you too. If you want to develop spiritually, you are going to have to place a high priority on reading and studying the Word. I’m not talking about picking up a book and reading words on a page. Reading the Word of God isn’t like reading a history book. These words are different. God breathed on these words, and when He did, His power went into those words and they became containers of power that can and will transform your life.

Because reading the Bible is unlike reading anything else, there are many ways you can read the Word to make the Bible come alive to you. Here are a few ways I’ve learned over the years. If you want to elevate your Bible reading, try one or more of these ideas or come up with your own!

  1. Read through the Bible completely. A good way to do this is set a goal of reading through it in a year. You have no idea what amazing things will happen to you as a result!
  2. Take a book of the Bible and read it straight through. When I study the Word like this, I have a journal nearby. As I am reading, I notice the structure and flow of the book. I write down areas I have difficulty understanding, and I return to those at a later time. I also write down thoughts and impressions that I have.
  3. Read the Bible from different translations.
  4. Read a commentary as you read the Bible.
  5. Study the Bible with an old devotional classic.
  6. Take one of the smaller books of the Bible and read that book every day for a month and take notes. Before you read every day, ask the Lord to show you new things about that book.
  7. Take a Bible class at your church or local college.
  8. Use the reference notes in a study Bible to follow chain references on certain verses and topics.

Perhaps you’ve never read your Bible; if so, you could jumpstart yourself by reading one chapter a day Monday through Friday. Start with the New Testament. If you read through the Gospels over and over, you will grow into the friendliest relationship with Jesus as you learn to walk with Him and talk with Him through the Scriptures.

When you invest time in being specific in how you read the Bible, you begin to internalize and personalize the scriptures. They become scriptures that are addressed straight to you.

I want to share a few more tips with you regarding Bible reading in a future blog post; until then, keep reading the Word and finding out what God will speak to you through it!



  1. Shirley Tuttle

    I am thankful you put this in your Blog, I have not been in my Bible enough, I will start reading more often; like you say set time for Bible reading. I have never been good at organizing my schedules with work , my time with the Lord, my time with family, my time with myself, My time for housecleaning, grocery shopping, and paying bills and my time with my dogs. I really never focused on a schedule, I always took care of what has to be done, I just did what I could and would fit in this or that if I felt like it; I hate to admit that but I know the Lord would want me to be organized with all the task and events and so on. It will be easier and I will feel much better as a person in charge of making good decisions, and making my Father in heaven happy is important. Thank you for sharing this! God Bless you for all the time you have put in. You are amazing woman in Christ. God is doing so much work in me and the awareness of what needs to change is impenitent; so I can get off the merry go round of feeling shame and guilt. It is a winners way attitude to want to push through it all. And yet have God giving me strength, courage, and to have joy and peace while going through it.

  2. I have found that when I put God’s Word first thing in the morning, everything else I have to do-gets done, with time left over. I stay in my office until I am “full” When I have an appointment, I try to get up earlier than usual. I find the benefits outstanding.

  3. Such a timely post…with wonderful instruction and suggestions for making the most of the time we set aside to feast on the Living Word of God. Bless you. I look forward to the next blog post on this subject.

  4. I have found that when I put God’s Word first thing in the morning, subject.everything else I have to do-gets done, Bless you. I look forward to the next blog post on this. sussanna.

  5. I find it interesting that when I have a problem I open the Bible and whatever I open to seems to be something on the problem at hand.


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