Three Reasons Why a Prayer Journal Is Important

Three Reasons Why a Prayer Journal Is Important

Over the years, I’ve learned that a beneficial habit to get into is taking a journal or notebook with you into your prayer closet. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. It makes you expect God to do something.

If you go into your prayer closet and date your prayer book, you will want to have something to write down by the time you finish. Record what God said during your time of prayer. It will tremendously help you expect Him to do more in your life.

  1. It will help you not talk about it so much.

I’ve noticed that young pray-ers especially want to talk about the things they pray about, but that isn’t beneficial. One of the most important habits you can get into is that you will be quiet about the things you are praying over. Abraham was the father of our faith; he trusted God and he is our example. The reason he got into the places he did with God was because God trusted Abraham. We want to be trustworthy people whom God can trust. One way He can trust us is when we don’t talk about what we are praying about too much.

  1. It will confirm in your heart that you hear from God.

We want to build a confidence that we hear from God. Journaling helps jog your memory about the prayers God has answered in your life. I’ve found this to be true, especially when you pray about future events. We need confidence in the Father that when we pray, we are hearing from God and on the right track. We don’t want to be off by ourselves praying independently; we need to pray in the Holy Ghost.

I encourage you to write down your prayers, God’s direction, and your testimonies. Keep a notebook with you when you pray and keep all your prayer notes in it. You’ll find yourself encouraged as you see your expectation and trust in God increase and as you become a pray-er God can trust.

By the way, every weekday at Living Word, we have an 8:30 a.m. corporate prayer group that meets to pray as the Spirit leads. We keep our own prayer journal of what is prayed about there. It’s called the Global Prayer Alert Network. We send this out to thousands of pray-ers around the world on a regular basis. You too are invited to join in our prayers. Sign up here to get on the GPAN email list.


  1. Pamela Renee Silver

    Thank you Pastor Lynne for this teaching & all that you do on the mission fields for God/our Christ Jesus. I just a few weeks ago gifted a young miss with two journals one in Faux Croc Pink ( 1 of her favorite colors) & the other marked Christian Prayer Journal. Not the 1st I’m sure she has been given or is scribing in,as she is Born Again,& is a youth leader in her church having recently gotten excellent appreciation & reviews for her Church Praise Dance Production. I could think not of another gift to give her. I shall always now be looking for small plain paper journals to keep in my purse as I find myself at various times of the day Praying as I see,hear,involved in moving about my day.Standing in a long line in store to check out seeing the cashier doing her/his best under the pressure to treat each customer with the special attention,that the next in line (who is disgruntled,angry,verbal abusive)complain. Just close my eyes and Pray Shalom into the atmosphere Praising God for the freedom & favor we have to live in a free country where we experience such wealth as having the ability to have stores stocked with merchandise & produce,money to pay for & feed,equip our families/self. Pastor Lynne it always changes in seconds the atmosphere before I even finish my Prayer not heard to the human ears around me .Wow! this is Exciting! there is room in my handbag for a Prayer Journal to jot down the effects of Divine Emergent Prayer Answer from God. I now there are others in the lines who are Praying making up two or more gathered in Jesus’ Holy Name♥+++

  2. This was such a blessing for me to read Pastor Lynne. For several years I have been doing this and keeping prayer journals or “annals of prayer” as the Lord once spoke to me about when He gave me specific instructions about keeping a ongoing record of prayer points, answered prayer victories, decrees, prophetic utterances, words, or decrees/declarations, as well as written descriptions of things the Lord would show me while I was praying anytime day or night. I am reminded of something the Lord reminded me of and gave me the revelation of the importance of record-keeping as it pertains to prayer. The Lord highlighted the story where Esther’s husband, King Xerxes was having trouble sleeping, and called for this Book of History of his reign to be read to him. The Lord shared with Me, how He too likes hearing us read to Him the record of His history and happenings in our prayer life, because as we go back and reflect on ALL the answered prayers it does something on the inside of me as an intercessor. For me it keeps the flame of intercession ignited 24/7. I can always turn to one of my old prayer journals and lift up glorious praise for the marvelous things that God has done in the lives of others around the world. I began to see a trend in my life, where as I would be focused on praying in the plans and purposes of God, He would handle ALL things concerning me. My prayer journal is a mighty weapon of testimony against the enemy because it contains documented evidence of all kinds of miracles, signs, and wonders throughout the years. As the Lord leads often times I do as the Word of God instructs us to do; which is putting the Lord in remembrance of His Holy written Word. So if there is a prayer need which I must lift up to the King of King and Lord of Lords, then I will open up my Bible and open up my prayer journal. I will put God in remembrance of the promises He has made in His Word, as well as the prophetic prayer promises and utterances He may have given me during my prayer time. Once I began doing this as led by Holy Spirit, I began to see just what it means to flow with the Spirit of God and co-labor with Christ as we are seated in Heavenly places in Him. It completely transformed my prayer time and my prayer life overall. I believe it shows God just how important we take our assignment as “pray-ers”, because He does expect us to be good stewards over those things which He reveals to us in precious times of intercession. For me the Lord has also used the practice of keeping a prayer journal to fine tune my hearing during my conversations with Him in my prayer closet. He even on a few occasions gave me the utterance of a particular tongue and then immediately gave me the interpretation. Lastly, one day while I was praying the Lord shared how He was tapping those in this hour who would operate as His modern-day scribes. I took ahold of that precious prophetic word because it did bear witness with my spirit man and identified with a prior prophetic Word released over my life during my very first mission trip overseas. The practice of keeping a prayer journal is so critical in this hour. Also, thank you for sharing insight into the importance of why we as pray-ers should keep a notebook with us all the time expecting God to speak and show us things of importance. You have taught me so much about prayer, and I am so grateful to God for connecting me with your ministry and Daughters For Zion. Who knows if Jesus does tarry, perhaps in the days to come someone may need to refer back to the history us modern-day scribes and pray-ers have recorded “as it is written” on the pages of our prayer history records. See you soon in Washington at the DFZ National Prayer Conference. Continued blessings to you and your ministry!

    • Oh goodness I certainly did not mean to get so carried away in my reply, but your post was just such a blessing to me since #prayer is a topic so near and dear to my heart. Blessings! – Wendy Brooks

  3. Lynn, I have encountered a group of people, all different back grounds, same desire. I was told to please go to a meeting of AA. They would say a slogan some what like a prayer. My brain was wondering”what is going on?”My spirit was at ease , I listened to my spirit, My mind wanted to pity, my spirit moved me to realize that I was in a room of harden self Doctoring people that agreed with one and another, over and over… My turn came and the wall of books that is in this room has Bibles, they clutch to there 12 steps copy and cannot see, or hear or recognize the Heart of the Lord Jesus Christ. I recommended to Pray the answer that has been provide By Jesus. I saw tombstones in there eyes, My spirit expresses joy to the group, I give scripture, and a experience as witness. Lynn, these are as close to walking dead I have ever witnessed. Could you point me to some scripture for a powerful message? In Jesus Name , Carlos Madrigal

    • It sounds like you are looking for the best Scripture that will minister to the people in your class. Is that correct? If so, it’s important to realize that if these people aren’t born again, the Bible won’t make any sense to them. The Bible tells us they don’t have the spiritual ability to perceive what you’re saying. The only thing you should share with them is the message of salvation. Let them know that God loves them so much and that He sent His Son to die on the cross for them.

      Be careful about when you approach them. Sharing with them during class may not be the right time, since they are focusing on the program material at that point. Look for opportunities before or after classes to share the salvation message with them.

      The most important thing you can do for them is pray for them. Pray that they would receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. And remember that your life is a living epistle. Live before them in a godly, loving manner; God’s goodness seen through your life can draw men to repentance.


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