The Open Door of Opportunity

“For prepare yourselves, in these last days that are here, and please understand that My glory and coming is near. As you begin to praise Me on this day, I’m going to wash your sin completely away. Now these are precious times to Me, and I’ll begin to explain and show you the way.”

“But stress, depression and problems—destruction of it—will happen today. So begin to take advantage of every opportunity to rejoice unto Me, and I’ll open every door so you can plainly and surely see. So go ahead and shout and remove all of your doubt.”

“Now don’t think it strange as I begin to change your name. It’s not as you have known, but because you have grown, I’ll cause you to experience things that you’ve not known. Oh, not church as usual this day will be, for you’ll not be able to deny the supernatural existence of Me.”

“So put aside your worries—no more secrets between us! And stop getting in a hurry. Walk in My presence. Enjoy it this day and before you arrive back home, you’ll understand and know the way,” thus saith the Spirit of God.

Given by Dr. Creflo A. Dollar on 5/20/2007, at World Changers Church International, Atlanta, GA

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