The Great Release

“Now you are about to enter into a phase of great release for all of the pressure and trials that this day will hold. For My Word is at hand, and it is on the line, and it will stand. But through you I’ll show My master plan to this generation of this land. So today, is a day of turning points in your way—to move from that which has caused you to sway.”

“Now rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for all of your enemies will be had. And I will wash your troubles away. But now know that this day will not be like others. And this time that you have gathered will push your trials further. Now prepare yourself in praise this day, for I will surely show you My way—a way that will lead you into a place—a place ordained for this very day.”

“So again, I say unto you, rejoice with all your might. Rejoice and begin to praise Me! And begin to praise Me, and I’ll show up and set you free! So I am about to sit on you now, and when I am done, you won’t have to wonder how, for the wisdom that I’ll impart will be used to benefit you. And after you understand this day, you’re going to know I’m going to bring you through,” saith the Spirit of God!

Given by Dr. Creflo A. Dollar on 5/20/2007, at World Changers Church International, Atlanta, GA

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