Keep My Commandments

Thank you, Lord. Oh, Jesus. Oh, Jesus. (tongues)

“I gave you My Word that if you would keep my commandments that I would love you and My Father would love you. And I said I would manifest Myself to you. I have come here this week to do that,” saith the Lord. “I have come here so that if you will walk with Me and if you will commit to My Word and My laws of abundance, I will manifest Myself to you in unusual ways, not only now but I will continue to do so throughout the rest of your days on this earth. So come expecting, come listening, and come with a willing heart.”

“I will do things in your nation that you didn’t think could ever be done again. I will do things in your household and in your family that some of you have given up on and couldn’t think it would come to pass, but it is at hand,” saith the Lord. “And I will sweep through your household.”

Given by Kenneth Copeland on 11/9/2006, at 2006 Washington, D.C. Victory Campaign

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