God Is On the Move

“What has been called the war on terror is about to make an unexpected turn. The news media and all of those that do that kind of thing will say, ‘Wow, we never expected this to happen. Oh, what do we think now?’ And all of the analysts will come out and they’ll all talk about it. And you’ll realize then that they know little to nothing about what’s happening. But you follow Me and you follow My Spirit and I’ll reveal it to you. I’ll show you what’s happening underneath the cover of all of this. For you see I am on the move and I am ripping the cover off of satan and all those that he has engaged in this terrorist act in these last days.”

“Things are changing. I move and they change and then they surface and come in view of the world. But you don’t have to wait until then,” saith the Lord, “I will reveal to you things that will come if you will spend some time with Me in your prayer closet. Spend some time with Me when you tithe and spend some time with Me preparing yourself to minister to others. And I will show you things you know not of and I will let you in on some good secret things. For I am on the move! I say it to you again, it is My time to move in the earth. I have not slowed down, I have not stopped. I have increased and if you will pay attention I’ll get a move on you too.” Hallelujah, well yes, amen!

Given by Kenneth Copeland on 7/5/2006, at 2006 Westcoast Believers Convention

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