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Trina: Tongues

 “So as you act in faith and rejoice before Me and even laughter fills your mouth, then you’ll begin to see things begin to change and things will begin to turn and even new doors of opportunity shall open and new things shall begin to spring forth and the scenery will change. For this is not your strength or your ability. My grace is sufficient for you. Even in the time of your apparent weakness, My grace is sufficient for you.”

“So therefore do not lean to your own understanding or even to your own ability but trust in Me. And trust in My power. For the joy of the Lord shall spring forth from the inside of you. And the grace of God shall increase upon you so that you’ll be more than a match for any situation and then your eyes shall begin to see.”

“It shall surely come to pass those things that I’ve spoken concerning you and you’ll say, ‘Surely the Lord is watching over His Word and He has brought it to pass and therefore I will rejoice for it is a new day and the things of the Spirit now are coming forth to where I can see them. I can see it clear now. I can see the way of the Spirit. I can see the way of the Lord and I’ll walk in that.'”

“And the hand of the Lord shall rest upon you and the Spirit of God shall come upon you and there shall be a fresh anointing. An increased measure of the Holy Spirit and an increased measure of the grace of God. And great strength shall be yours as you take steps to go forward. Go forward in the assignment and the will of God that is yours. Go forward in the things I’ve called for you to receive in this hour. Go forward for the Spirit of God shall work within you and expand you and increase you so you can receive what I have for you in this hour. And laugh in the face of every adversity.”

 For even as (tongues) there is strength (tongues)

 “So even as you as act in the spirit and act in faith and surely the hand of the Lord shall strengthen you in your inner man. And new strength shall be yours so that you can do what I’ve called you to do and do it in My ability and My strength. For surely I want you now,” saith the Lord, “to take the limits off of Me. Take the limits off the way that I would have you receive even now so that I’m able to do exceeding abundantly above all you can ask or think but it’s according to the power that works in you.”

“So yield yourself to the Spirit of God and respond to the Holy Spirit and the grace of God shall increase upon you so that you’ll even smile and you’ll even laugh when you see the schemes of the enemy for what the enemy has meant for evil I will turn it for your good so you can laugh!” Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

 For you’ll see some new things (tongues) there are (tongues)

 “So you’ll see some new things and you’ll laugh because you can see the unseen. You can see what’s happening in the realm of the spirit. For even now,” saith the Lord, “the angels and the ministering spirits they surround you and they’re even working in your behalf now. So you can declare, ‘They that be with us are more than they that be with him.’ And declare the victory of the Lord in every situation for the hand of the Lord is already at work in your situation. So don’t try and struggle to make it happen but I will open your eyes so you can see the unseen. And then ACT like the Word of God is true. ACT like I’m on your side. ACT like I’m bringing it to pass for surely the hand of the Lord and the Spirit of God shall come upon you and angels are moving now and working on your behalf and the enemy is being put to flight and shall run from you in fear!” saith God.

Hey! Give the Lord a shout! Ha! Ha! Ha!

 Be bold! (tongues) and be strong (Tongues) and put on (tongues)

 “So be bold with the gift of God and be strong in the Lord. You are commanded to be strong. So allow your boldness and the hand of the Lord working in you and you declare with your mouth the voice of the Lord and the word of the Lord and it shall make room for you.”

“So now,” saith the Lord, “I’m going to clothe you with some new clothes. I’m going to dress you up in some new anointing and fresh anointing and I’m going to give you places to walk. I’ll grant you access in walking into My presence and walking in the realm of the spirit. But I’ll also give you access to walk in places you’ve never been before. Walking in places of opportunity. Walking in places of authority. Walking in places of blessing and walking in places of what I’ve called you to do. So you’re not going to see the same old scenery you have seen for years. For things are changing and the glory of Lord shall be revealed unto you.”

“So therefore recognize this time and this hour and do not draw back from it but be bold! And declare the word of the Lord and declare the gift of God and surely as you go forward, the door shall open wide and you’ll walk in and the Spirit of God coming upon you will change you into another person. So they that knew you before will say, ‘Is this the same person? Is that the same man? Is that the same woman?” Because the grace of God and the hand of the Lord shall change you so completely that you’ll walk in a new direction and with a new boldness and with a new confidence and the glory of God shall shine upon your countenance and you will declare this is the day of grace. This is the day of the Lord.”

“Enjoy this season,” saith the Lord. “Enjoy this time and rejoice in the new things that I’m bringing forth just for you and just through you now,” saith the Lord.

Go ahead and rejoice. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Given by Mark & Trina Hankins on 6/18/2007, at Living Word Christian Center, Brooklyn Park, MN

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