Don’t Give Up and Don’t Give In

God knows how to get you to the place you need to be! He knows how to move and speak through us. It’s an honorable thing to come before Him.

Father, we thank you for filling us with Your Holy Spirit right now. For filling us up to overflow so that we will have a new glow. Thank you for filling us up to overflow so we will go! Go forth in glory! Go forth in power! Go forth in the anointing that sets free captives that delivers and brings forth supernatural deliveries. Thank you for filling us up even more right now! (laughter) Thank you that we’re not filled with ourselves but Your Spirit. We must walk in overflow!

Make a show! Go ahead and make a show! By the Spirit you will make a new show. You will not be backstage but you will be out front. Making a show! Making a glow! Walking in glory! Walking in power! Walking in love! In this last day, in this last hour, walking in love. Loving the lost and bringing them in! Hallelujah!

Oh Jesus, help! Help is on the way today. We can’t do it in our own strength, we don’t even know what to do! In some cases we do not have a clue. But if we stay connected to the throne, the clue is revealed and we walk right on through. In this word that was spoken forth today, we will wake up and see that we’ve gone a new way. We’ve gotten into the right flow, we’ve gotten into the right walkway or pathway that we’ve been called to go and we WILL GO! We will show and we will bust through in areas we’ve never gone through before. But it will be that which was prophesied—a new door, a door of opportunity, a door of glory, a door of power, a door of restoration. No, it’s not over until it’s over! Hallelujah. Oh my! Who said that? (laughter) Hallelujah.

“No, no, no. No, no, no, no! don’t give up. Don’t give in. Don’t stop! Keep your motor running. If you have to, keep it in neutral and the power of the Spirit will keep you moving too. Up onto, out over into your plan. It’s not done,” saith God. “It’s not over until it’s done. It’s not over until My Son returns!” Hallelujah!

We’re looking up onto the Father of love, the Father of glory. The Father of Abundance. The Father of more. The Father of resources. Resources from heaven like never before.

“The December month that you’ve spoken about will be like no other month before. Ha ha! Because I’ve said to you, I’ve talked to you, I’ve told you to believe, it’ll come up even higher than ever before. And the doors that I’ve spoken to you about, make sure that you pray. Make sure that you talk. Make sure that you declare. It will be a year of My open door.” (tongues) Hallelujah.

“Sometimes you gotta shake things off. Sometimes you’ve got to shake off deposits that were placed there from the enemy beneath. Dirt! Shake it off your feet and walk forward in My love. Love from above. Ohhhh it’s been deposited internally by My Spirit. And so that love will be like no other love because it’s come from above. So no, no, no, no, don’t give up and don’t give in. And don’t go back and don’t settle down. There’s a well being dug up even in this place, even in this part of the country. Wells have been dug up or have been being dug out by the prayers that you’ve spoken from this position. So from above, the power of (tongues) that power like no other power has dug them up. And so there will be an outpouring. There will be a new…hallelujah. Yeah, yeah, yes, yes, there was a visitation in years gone by. But that was just a little touch or a little taste of My love. But My love will overflow from this place so don’t question it. Just expect it. Don’t say to yourself or say to others, ‘Well, I’ve not seen that yet.’ Don’t say it. Just say, ‘Well the Father has said that He will pour out His Spirit like the former and latter rain together and it will be poured out on ALL flesh! And the sons and the daughters shall prophesy and the older ones will dream dreams from heaven.’ They will be heavenly dreams from above! And all of it, all of it joined up together will point to one thing—that it’s the last of the last days, the last of the last hours when My Son will come back in power from above. Hold onto My Word. Hold onto My will and you’ll see it come to pass right before your very eyes.”

Oh yeah, oh yes, yeah, yeah, yes, that will turn around too. Hallelujah! Jesus we magnify You. We honor You. We praise You for turning things around. Hallelujah. I know it’s different. Praise You. We worship you. We praise you. Thank you for walking us through. Thank you for supply lines. Thank you for overturning those poverty ways and turning them around into prosperity days. Entering into full up, full up, full up, full up, filling things up like never before. Bank accounts. Oh my! Hallelujah. A turn around. A turn around. A turn around now. Reaching up into more. Reaching up into greater. We pray for the greater. (tongues)

Thank you for the words that have been spoken over this church. Thank you for the prophecies that have been spoken over Living Word and our pastors. They shall come to pass! Every word spoken by Your Spirit shall come to pass. Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory at last! Hallelujah!

“Wells, wells, well, well, a well of My Spirit. A well of My power. A well of My anointing. Showers of blessing. Showers of great blessing now at this hour.” Thank you Lord.

Some wells that once were operating in the realm of the Spirit, watching wells, wells of authority, wells of healing, wells of great provision. Some wells for one reason or another seemed to have been filled up or blocked up and in some cases, covered up. But today by the Spirit we are praying and declaring that every Holy Ghost given well will be dug up, dug out, clear up, cleared out for the fullness. The full operation of the Holy Ghost so the Father’s will can be done and fulfilled.

Things that were prophesied over churches in this city years ago, it’s time for those things to come to pass. If not us then who Lord? We’re praying that we do our part!

Given by Ray Kelly on 12/12/2006, at Living Word Christian Center, Brooklyn Park, MN


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