Continue to Pray for Israel

Continue to Pray for Israel

There is an atmosphere of calm in Israel after seven weeks of war and a barrage of 4,562 missiles. We are so grateful for your prayers throughout the past 50 days of “Operation Protective Edge.” During that time, we had testimonies of many miracles and saw the protecting hand of God over the Covenant Land and the Israeli people.

It is important that we continue to pray for the Lord’s guidance for all Israeli leaders, military, authorities, and intelligence and that they hear from above and make godly decisions. May they walk in divine discernment, wisdom, courage, and boldness to protect and defend their nation. May they be alert to any schemes of the adversary and neutralize it in advance of causing any harm.
We pray for the Covenant Land and the people with specific prayers for the security and protection of all Israel’s borders: air, land, sea, and underground. This assignment is very important as we pray in advance of the coming High Holy Days, September 25 through October 10. We pray a hedge of protection surrounding all global Jewish communities against the growing tide of anti-Semitism and that a way of safe passage is made for those who want to come home to Israel.

Please join us as we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the restoration and well-being of the nation. May all be encouraged that we are standing in solidarity and lifting them up in prayer during this difficult time. We thank the Lord for the many pilgrims He brings to the land to be a blessing and encouragement to the Jewish people. Pray there would be a time of physical and financial restoration. Pray especially for the wounded soldiers and civilians that they would be fully restored, healed, and whole—heart, mind, soul, and body.

With that, a special request has just come to us from the family of an IDF soldier: “Shachar was mortally wounded a month ago in a Gaza terror tunnel while saving several members of his platoon. He has yet to open his eyes and continues to be kept alive with medical assistance. Shachar’s family has requested prayers for their son. They ask, may the Lord God, Father of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, open Shachar’s eyes and miraculously restore Shachar’s body. Surround his family with the assurance that the Almighty has heard their cry. Amen.”

Thank you for your love and faithful prayers for Israel and the Jewish people.

Psalms 20, 83, 91, 121–122, and Isaiah 54:17.


  1. The Lord bless you! How do I sign up to automatically receive your blog postings via email?

    • Hi April – I just signed up for the blog using the “Newsletter Sign Up” that I see on the right side of the web page. (I’m using a computer full screen… if you have an ipad or phone that you’re looking at it from, it might be formatted differently.) I think that should do the trick!

  2. Kathleen Straube

    What a privilege to pray for Israel. Thank you for sending the prayers you pray each day.
    We have been doing this for years and thank the Lord for His Word and His direction.

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