Word Given | Autumn Assembly of Prayer

Word Given to Pastor Lynne Hammond
Tongues is the language of heaven. It is downloaded in your spirit and at the reception of the Holy Ghost. (Or the baptism) When the language is released – that language will change the world and change you – when used, because it is accompanied by the fire of God, the language carries the very essence and nature of God to any and every situation. The language of the Spirit is very personalized and individualized, marking each person with heavens label and tag – “this is mine”

There is much more to comprehend and understand about this gift, much more revelation to be had, as the apostle Paul wrote, “I would not have you to be ignorant” The more you understand about speaking in other tongues the more you will give way to it and yield to it – growing exponentially.

Speaking in tongues is a sign to arrest, attract, and to indicate the presence of God is here. It is the gateway and door to the supernatural. The Holy Ghost will bring the full expression of heaven thru the believer.


Word Given through Jeanne Wilkerson

If she makes the Word preeminent and Christ is lifted up and exalted. And men will turn for counsel and advice to men who know the Word and know their God. This nation can be spared!  For I want you to see the numbers that are connected with her and show you why she can be spared. She – even though she may not be spared judgment. The United States of America by her very Constitution and numbers that are connected with her. God has His hand eternally upon her. She is one of the sheep nations that are going to go on into the millennial age. Hallelujah. Ha, ha.  She’s never going to be destroyed. Hallelujah. She will be judged! But do you know what judgment is?  Judgment is disciplinary. It is corrective measures. It is not to punish us eternally. As many instances are. Like hell and the oncoming punitive works of God. Which are final!  But the judgments of God, many of them if you’ll study them and learn how to rightly divide them. They are corrective. They are disciplinary.

So the United States – the numbers that are connected with her are this. She originated with what? How many colonies? Thirteen colonies. And I wish I could teach you a lesson on that tonight. But I can’t. I’m moving on. She has thirteen colonies. What is the amount of states that she has now? Fifty. She had forty-eight but in her latter days she has now taken on the number fifty. Hallelujah. That’s the number of the Holy Spirit! It’s the number of the Year of Jubilee! Ha, ha. Hallelujah.

So all these numbers: Deliverance, and also the number seventeen, the war cycles which we just showed you. Seventeen is the number  of Divine Preservation in the midst of judgment. Ha, ha. [how do you spell it? (laughs) see I get to thinking on down the road and I’m not taking my spelling lesson. You’ll know what I mean. Somebody spell it for me real quickly. You can spell it right when you get home] so this means Divine Preservation in the midst of trouble or judgment. So this is what it means. So these are the numbers that are connected with her.

And what is her insignia? The Eagle! The Eagle being her insignia. This what the Eagle does. She grows old. She loses her  feathers. Her eyes grow dim. Her beak, she flies into the crags of the rocks in the heights. And her eyes being dim she beats her old beak off.   But suddenly one day her feathers begin to grow again. Her eyes become restored and renewed. Hallelujah. Her beak is restored. She [tongues] and all of a sudden with a shriek! She soars into the heavenlies again. Hallelujah. Ha, ha.  So the United States may – she may be disciplined. She may be judged. But I tell you her insignia of God is going to take her on into the millennial age. Hallelujah. As one of the sheep nations of the world.


  1. Thank you so very very much for posting this. I went to your website hoping to find it but to no avail. I am thrilled to have it and will pass it on to others who are also praying for our great nation. Blessings to you, Pastor Lynn. I so appreciate you 🙂

  2. During the Friday morning session of the Autumn Assembly when you were sharing about doors/gates being opened and teaching us how to do this…then leading us into doing it, I felt in my spirit that this was a ‘holy time’…God ordained…and that it was very powerful and effective. At some point during that time…and I should have written it all down as soon as I could…but I do remember that in my spirit, I saw that because of all of the “attachments from the world”…mites, parasites, etc to an animal…the eagle (America) had become weighed down, weak, and not able to fly as high as was necessary to escape the snares of the enemy. I saw her caught and in a cage…looking very ragged and like she was dying…but through the prayers…the utterances of the Holy Spirit through the believers contending in unity…the door to the cage was opened. I, also, saw in my spirit that people had not noticed that the eagle was actually going through a time of molting…not dying…and after the door was opened by the prayers…in a short time…the eagle flew out of the cage. I felt an urgency…that this was a very critical time…that she could be caught again just as she was leaving and I was crying out in my spirit…but she was quick and flew up high…and higher…towards the glorious sun…above the clouds…FREE from the cage…and I began to shout FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM! while every one was praying fervently in unity all around me with what I felt was a mighty voice going up through the heavenlies to the Throne of God! It was so encouraging and exciting to me and yet at the same time, I felt so humble before the Lord…so grateful…so thankful…for His sparing our nation though we, her citizens, had mistreated her so badly in our neglect of her in times past.
    That is all that I remember feeling/seeing in my spirit at that time but I believe that we made progress in getting the door of the cage opened at that time. I do recognize, though, the importance of us continuing to pray in the Spirit in one accord…continuing to press in…listening to the Holy Spirit…and especially praying in other tongues as the Holy Spirit gives us utterances. This is the time to be “strong and courageous” to walk out what has already been declared…just as the Lord told Joshua that the kings and mighty men of valor…Jericho…had been given into their hands but then He told Joshua what they were to do…what their ‘job’ was in this great move of God. (Joshua 5 & 6) We know that God’s wonderful, glorious plan will be fulfilled but we also have a ‘job’ to do in these last days. May we put Romans 12:1 & 2 and Luke 21:36 into effect in our lives that we will fulfill this ‘job’ well…to please our Heavenly Father…and to be the Bride worthy of the most wonderful Bridegroom EVER! Hallelujah!
    Thank you, Sister Lynne, for sharing and directing us to pray…right then…altogether in unity…at the Autumn Assembly. It was powerful and I was humbled and blessed to be a part of that time. Thank you, also, for sharing Sister Wilkerson’s prophetic word…which I do not remember if I have ever heard/read it before or not…but it sheds more light on what I felt that I had received at the Autumn Assembly. Praise the Lord for the Holy Spirit and His Words to flow through us! To God be ALL of the glory!
    May the Lord continue to bless you, Sister Lynne…and your family…and the Body of Christ…with more and more revelation of His hidden Word…for ‘such a time as this’.
    Thanks again for being a Pray-er Encourager,
    Connie Rogers

  3. Amen Sister in Christ Jesus-Yeshua!!

    Merry CHRISTmas to all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus-Yeshua!!

    Love Always and Shalom Everyone,

    Kristi Ann

  4. Thank you Sister Lynne! You are such an inspiration and continue to provide leadership to the body in the area of prayer. I am so grateful for you and love you very much!

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  6. Gracie Kinchen

    I just read the Word of the Lord He gave you above at Autumn Assembly 2015. I believe this was a perfect time to have read this on the National Day of Prayer. Reminding me of how much more we need to be praying in the Spirit with our heavenly language and staying filled with the Spirit by speaking to ourselves in spiritual songs and hymns and praying for our nation. The blonde lady praying today on your Live Streaming Corporate Prayer mentioned the word CULMINATION in her praying and I couldn’t help but look up the definition of this word and it means: the end or FINAL RESULT OF SOMETHING. As we continued to pray I couldn’t help but see by the Holy Spirit that “NATION” is in that word!! So it helped me pray more for our NATION, AMERICA. Pastor Lynne you are such an inspiration to the Body of Christ and I so appreciate your faithfulness and obedience to teach us on Prayer. I’ve been listening to you since 1995. May the Lord bless you & Pastor Mac and your family abundantly. May the Grace & Peace of God be multiplied to you in abundance as well. Much Love, Gracie Kinchen (I was privileged to meet you at Pastor Mark Hankins meeting in Alexandria, March 2014 and I was so excited. :)) You are such a blessing!! You can come to Walker, LA anytime, just east of Baton Rouge, LA. :))

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