A Prayer for America

A Prayer for America

Lord, thank you for America. Thank you for the freedom we have to serve You in this country. We celebrate America’s independence by praying together in agreement for America. Let every state be visited by You. Visit every person, every region, every city, and every county. Let Your presence and power invade the Congress of the United States. Let the President and every leader under him be touched by Your presence. Oh God, shake this nation again!

Lord, let the Church not slumber or hide in her sanctuaries. Let the Church mobilize. Give her a boldness to walk across this land and other lands bringing Your good news to the world.

Lord, open the way for every educational institution in this nation to be touched by Your light. Open the way, Lord, for a visitation from You.

We are asking today for every man, woman, and child in America. Let Your rain fall upon this nation. In Jesus’ name, Amen


  1. Jenny Stigall

    I thank God for sister Lynne and all those at lwcc prayer ministry. I have been a part of gpan since it’s conception. I pray every week with the archives. This ministry is my company, feeds, strengthens, and guides me. I am more than thankful. Sister Lynne has been my mentor and I pray God’s blessing on her.

  2. Shirley Tuttle

    I stand with my armor on that God himself said for us to put on, praying and being a watchman on this day, for the spirit of the Lord is upon us and hears our utterance unto the almighty throne of God. Christian Soldiers know the truth and our fruitful lips will not be silent. No Darkness can stand against us. Let us rejoice in the wonderful day that the Lord made, for his people have the truth in the hearts and will not be deceived by any wickedness.

  3. Shirley Tuttle

    Amen! My spirit harkened to what you wrote this day is a celebration. The lord hears our prayer unto this great nation founded by his people. Gods roots are here, sacred soil. The evil will be exposed and the truth will be a beacon of light. Our fruitful lips will not be silent. God has a plan and he will be doing mighty works here in this land. My spirit that God has placed in my temple has witness this unto me. Glory to God and Happy fourth of July Brothers and Sister’s in Christ. As I read this I became on fire the flame of God!!

  4. Lord Jesus Yahweh Yeshua thank you for my brothers and sisters in Christ who gather daily to recognize you as their Saviour, Lord, and King. Lord Jesus I thank you and exalt you. Thank you and praise you for the goodness of your Torah shining forth in our JudeoChristian nation.

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