Your Role as a Watchman

Your Role as a Watchman

“And the lookout shouted, “Day after day, my lord, I stand on the watchtower; every night I stay at my post.” (Isaiah 21:8)

“I’ve posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem. Day and night they keep at it, praying, calling out, reminding God to remember. They are to give him no peace until he does what he said, until he makes Jerusalem famous as the City of Praise.” (Isaiah 62:6-7, Msg.)


In Old Testament times, watchmen were stationed on top of the walls of a city. They would stand atop those walls and look out into the distance to see what is coming.

If an enemy came and shot a fiery dart, the watchman had a bucket of water on hand to pour over the fire so it didn’t burn a hole in the wall. If the watchman saw an army coming, he would give a warning. If he saw friends coming bearing gifts, he would alert the gatekeepers to let them in.

The watchman’s responsibility was to guard the goods of the city.

As a pray-er, God has made you a spiritual watchman. He has set you somewhere and given you responsibility to watch over that place. I don’t know all the places or assignments he has given you responsibility to watch over, but I do know some of them. I know He has given you responsibility to watch over yourself, your family, and other believers as the Spirit leads “praying always…and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints” (Ephesians 6:18 KJV).

He has also given you responsibility and the assignment to watch over the apple of His eye, Israel; the Covenant Land; and the global Jewish community. In doing so, we fulfill the Lord’s mandate in Genesis 12:3 to bless Israel.

As you handle those responsibilities, He will give you other territories and assignments to watch over, perhaps even more strategically in praying over a particular city, borders, leaders, a war zone, dangerous developments and Israeli soldiers, student leaders in CUFI on Campus, and American leadership to support Israel.

Pay attention to what the Spirit is saying to you about them. Stay sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit and be quick to pray when He quickens you to pray. Do what Isaiah 62:6-7 says and “[…by your prayers]”put the Lord in remembrance [of His promises], keep not silence, and give Him no rest” until He establishes Jerusalem [your territories and assignments] and makes it a “praise in the earth!” (Amp.)

Whatever He has given you, be faithful to carry it and see it through.


  1. Thank you for your ministry! It has blessed me so very abundantly!!!
    Love you,
    Karen Elkins

  2. Lynne, your words are precious. Thank you. I am so grateful for your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. May we be faithful in carrying out that which has been committed to us.

  3. I take seriously every post you make on Facebook. You are helping us. I agree with Betsy, who commented above me here. “KEEP COMING TO THE FATHER, MORE & MORE….” Begin my day with Him, end my day with Him, and converse with Him during the day. Meditating on His Word as often as I can. Keep it in my mind, give Him Glory Praise & Honor during the day, even in the small things. And more…….With Love, Susan

  4. Kathy Jo Baker

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and instruction on the subject of prayer. I’ve learned so much from following your ministry. Blessings to you!

  5. Melissa Brewington

    Love you Sister Lynne and I thank The Father for your ministry. You have helped taught me so much on how to develop that intimate relationship that I so longed for with The Father and for your obedience to the Call I want to say Thank You!

  6. Lynn, I was at your church many years ago at a leadership meeting your husband went on a rabbit trail that totally helped my life reg a wife believing for her husband and to walk in love but sometimes one person will base their life in the word of God and the other does not. Eventually when it starts to affect ones destiny the anointing will remove the yolk and burden if the other person not basing their lives on the word of God and, just digs their heels in and refuses to serve God. Well it happened thank God for that word it was such a blessing to me at that time . However this was way back in around 2004 or 2005. I just saw a picture on you and I remember what you looked like then. I just wanted to say your youth is so renewed like the eagles. I was honestly surprised at how radiant and youthful you look. God’s glory is upon you and I am one that was blessed by your ministry. I learned how to follow the leader in prayer and pray the word what a tremendous blessing. Thank-you. Much Love in our Lord Jesus Christ Wendy Lennox

  7. Rev. Dr. Millicent

    I’ve followed you and your teachings since the mid-90’s, attending the Holy Ghost meeting in Augusta, GA and your sister’s Prayer Conferences in Dothan, AL. I’ve so appreciated having your Prayer Notes come to my home. Thank you for your ministry and for being a leader in prayer to the Church of the Living God.

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