What Does the Word Say?

What Does the Word Say?

If you are battling negative thoughts today, I encourage you to stop. Stop what you’re doing right now and go to the Word. Dig into the Scriptures and find what God is saying to you about that matter. Don’t just settle for any Scripture. Find verses that minister to you. 

Where cares and worries are concerned, it is especially good to find Scriptures that will, first of all, inspire you and remind you of God’s concern and care for you. Secondly, find verses that speak of God’s ability to do something. We have Someone who can do something about your situation! You are not on your own. Get yourself an arsenal of Scriptures that minister to you. Replace negative thoughts with these Scriptures and picture the Word coming alive in your life today.

Here are some Scriptures to get you started:

Isaiah 41:9–11

Psalm 91

Psalm 18:1–19

Jeremiah 29:11

Zephaniah 3:17

Jeremiah 32:17

Matthew 19:26

Ephesians 3:20–21


  1. Shirley Tuttle

    I take comfort in Psalm 91. I love reading this over and over. Thank you for sharing Pastor Lynne, also a great reminder who to run to in time of trouble. The word of God never returns void.

  2. ” Workforce” The bee is more honoured than other animals,not because she labours,but because she labours for others by St. John Chrysastam (c.347 ** c.407), Turkey. Thank You our Lynne for all that you do in Honor of Father God having answered His Call, showing us all so Christ Love. Father God I come in Jesus Name to say than you for Lynne your beautiful soul Daughter For Zion Amen♥+++

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