Three Things I Write in My Prayer Journal

Three Things I Write in My Prayer Journal

Recently, I shared with you why it is so important to keep a prayer journal. Today I want to share with you three specific things you can write down after you read the Word each day.

1. What did I learn from this passage?

2. What should I share with others?

3. What action should I take in my life because of what I read today?

Writing things down helps me stay disciplined as well as accountable for my time spent with the Lord. I’ve learned that taking the time to write things down teaches me to think and learn much more clearly than if I simply read my Bible and walked away from it. I encourage you to do the same!


  1. Lynn I posted the following on my Facebook page. I sure would appreciate helping me get the word out! My wife and I have both been feeling something in the air. I don’t know if it has anything to do with 911 only being a few days away, but I have learned never to dismiss the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

    For the last several days there has been waves of something that has come over me where it feels like the calm before the storm. There is something pending in the spirit that could have major consequences. To describe it is almost like a missile having been launched but has not hit yet, and we don’t know where or how many folks it will impact. It is like a quiet, uneasiness that comes and goes. Sunday morning one of our church intercessors had such a weight to pray against death that she almost didn’t make it to church it was so heavy. She said it felt like 911 all over again. PLEASE BE SENSITIVE AND PRAY….

    • Thank you posting this prayer request, I too have been having a sense of doom, and anxiety, which I couldn’t put my finger on, except to command the spirit of fear to go, but it is over all people, FEAR – for those who don’t know the Lord, it is terribly fearful.

  2. Oh thank you glad I’m not alone. I felt I was. Me too. I have no one to relate too. But I have strong feelings in my spirit of death, danger, impending doom. Soon. Save the lost.

  3. As I get closer to the Lord the new creation in Christ takes Precedence in me. He is my new focus continuously in my heart. I find my self asking him many questions daily. Staying committed to my Lord is important to me. Thank you for sharing this Pastor Lynne, This will deepen my relationship with the Lord so I may better serve him.

  4. So thankful for your teaching Pastor Lynne. I too spend much time praying in the spirit. I sense the day and the time are upon us, so many lives hang in the balance.

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