Increasing Your Faith Through Prayer


  1. Pastor John Boateng

    Looking for God’s anointing to increase in my life, family and ministry. To see more souls saved and added to God’s kingdom.

  2. Lynne: My name is Rick and I have been a believer since April 1980. I was born with a defective hip and had surgery at the age of 2 and then at 31 when my hip gave out . I have a prothesis and it has always limited my actions as in walking and a limp. In 1994 I started standing on the Word for healing and wrote a confession that had about 40 healing scriptures in it. When I began praying my pain level was about a 20. Taking about 20,000 mg of neurotin I stopped and after 2 weeks my pain went down to a 2 people noticed and I gave my testamony to many. Well in recent months the pain came back and got a bad report from the doctor. I went back to prayer and continued in faith for my healing. Symptoms got worse and my wife is really stressed out about it. I’ve done all I know to do and now my hip has dislocated several times. I’m praying everyday and believe in Healung. I feel alone sometimes and it’s like God is just not hearing me. Healing hasn’t come. Surgery is not an option yet and Lynne I want to hear from God I’m desperate to hear from him. I’m spirit filled and have seen many miracles and you have been to our church many times. Agape Faith Church in clemmons, nc please pray for me and my wife. We need a miracle. Thank you so much. In Jesus: rick Nelson

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