Hoops and Hallelujahs

Hoops and Hallelujahs

These days, God is even manifesting His power on basketball courts! If you don’t believe it, ask my son, Jim. In addition to being one of the pastors at our church, he coaches the girls’ varsity basketball team at our Christian school. A few years ago, the Lord spoke to him and said He wanted that team to be number one in the state.

Our school only has about 650 kids, and the girls on our team aren’t even tall. So in the natural, there was no way they could win the state championship. But my son coaches with the Word. He teaches those girls who they are in Christ and about their authority as believers and shows them how to apply those principles to playing basketball. So they got on board with him. They decided God could use them to put Him on display in front of the whole sports world.

We all began to pray over it and received several confirming prophecies that if the girls would give God all the glory, He would become their ability, and they would be the state champions.

Year before last it happened. They became the number one basketball team in the state.

This past year, they went after it again. They fought their way to the finals and in the championship game, they faced a team of girls that absolutely towered over them. Winning looked impossible!

The night before the game I was praying for them, did a flop and stop in my Bible and saw a verse in Isaiah where the Lord said, “Fear not. Be not dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you. I will help you. I will harden you to difficulties and I will beat the mountain low.” When I called Jim and give him the scripture to encourage him, he said, “Mom! Do you know the name of the team we’re playing?”

“No,” I answered. “What is it?”

“It’s Mountain Iron- Buhl!”

During the game, Jim gave our girls the green light to use a defensive strategy they’d had been working on in practice for two years. They’d never implemented it before in an actual game. But, hallelujah, it worked! The Iron Mountain girls, even though they were much taller and bigger than our little girls, could not get past our little defenders. So our team won the state championship again!

Suddenly it seemed like everybody, even people in the media, were saying, “Who is this school? We never heard of them!” And, of course, God got all the glory.

About the same time, I began to hear about Tim Tebow making news for God in football. Then came Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens. I’d never heard of him until the day of the Super Bowl when he said during a pre-game interview on television, “No weapon formed against us shall prosper.” I knew in my spirit when he said that, I knew what God was about to do. He was going to put Himself on display.

Sure enough, the Ravens won the Super Bowl. Afterward, Ray Lewis quoted another scripture to the national media: “If God be for us, who can be against us?”



  1. Billye Brim prophesied over me personally last night, without realizing I am from LWCC and was a 242 Leader (Pastor. Sunday) for several years. My 37 yr. old husband recently passed away (Kristin was precious enough to text me) and we have five children. We moved to Green bay, WI two years ago and I moved to Tulsa three months ago. With nothing: just me, God and our 5 babies. I’m going to Rhema in the Spring. Chip Brim always says and taught me to pray the plan of God. So that’s what I did last night. I needed to hear from God and said, “Lord, only use Billye (and let her obey) to speak a word to me IF it’s YOUR plan. Only your plan. Not because I want her to. Only if it’s YOUR plan.” I attend Victory Christian Center and Pastor. Sharon has been a physical rock for me. Billye said that I don’t understand things and why they happened, but God would begin to show me. She said that He was giving me Healing in the hands (I knew this but told one person and also my close friend Shamara (The Wells Church) , because during service a few weeks prior, my hands were numb and started burning). I have many “scary” dreams that end up coming true (Volcanos In Indonesia/Hawaii, etc…) The most hurtful is the death of my husband Nicholas. I read Perry Stone’s book about dreams and visions. Kenneth Hagin’s, I Believe In Visions. I am trying to not walk in fear and know what to pray against and what is trying to warn me. Brenda Brim (Billye’s Daughter) said I have the gift of discerning spirits, but I am afraid many times, to go to sleep. I’m writing you Pastor. Lynne because you were my Shepard for many years and we always call you and Pastor. Mac our Pastors. I recently found a letter from my husband, to your husband. He asked for help, as he was facing the very same thing that Pastor. Mac did, in that particular stage in your life. I cried…… Will you please pray foe me? God’s plan, God’s plan, God’s plan. I hope to come to The Autumn Prayer on Oct. 23rd in Branson, now that we are in Tulsa. I pray GOD’S plan……. P.S.: I LOVE that it says, “Speak Your Mind”! 🙂

  2. Reply to Lynn Reider: “stay out of your mind.” DIG out every verse on courage and fear in the Bible. Read it, meditate it, eat, sleep, and breathe it constantly until it flushes all fear out for good and you are FREE! Them you can walk in courage & confidence with the gift God gave you. Keep reaching out for prayer & guidance until someone makes their self available to you for support. But do your part…xo

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