From Grueling to Glorious

From Grueling to Glorious

Getting into a flow of God where spiritual things are concerned is grueling for many Christians. They are always anxious about what they are doing, almost wringing their hands. How much time should I spend doing this? So-and-so did it this way. Should I do what they did?

When you try to copy someone else or live your life based on the way you saw someone else live, you’re stuck in a trap. I have seen this happen with people time and again. They see one person spending a lot of time studying the Bible and another person in a strong season of prayer. If they don’t learn to locate and follow their own hearts, they could simply assume they should be praying or studying the Bible as well. They are in a strong season of prayer, so I need to be in a strong season of prayer. I’ll just move over there to that. That’s not right. God may have you in a season of going to the gym! We don’t know what each other’s seasons are. We are only to be concerned with the season God is directing us to be in as we live from our heart.

Instead of living a life based on comparison, get down in your heart and find out what God is saying to you. You would be absolutely surprised at the places God will lead you when you follow your heart. He’ll lead you to see your neighbor when your head wasn’t planning to do so but your heart moved in that way. He’ll lead you to study your Bible; He’ll lead you to a strong season of prayer. He’ll lead you to sleep; He’ll lead you to eat. He’ll lead you to a quiet place with Him.

The church of the Lord Jesus Christ must be led by the Spirit of God in every single thing we do. We must learn to follow God, not for someone else but for ourselves. We each need to follow our own hearts and our own convictions.

So… what is God saying to you today?


  1. This frees me from a lot of religious routine.

  2. Thank you Lynn this truly is freedom. It takes pressure of one self. It allows dependencies on the Grace to work.

  3. When and where He leads, then you will find Peace and contentment….

  4. Thank you pastor Lynne!
    God is leading me to pray for different countries, and I love it. We must be led by the Spirit of God in every single thing we do and to be happy!!!
    With Love, Katie

  5. The part about know what season you are in was so liberating. I am in a season of presenting my body to get my eating, exercise, sleeping, etc. in order. In order to do this I’ve had to clear my plate with some of the doings I’ve been involved in at church (we as women always want to do…everything). I was really battling with these decisions even knowing I had the witness of our blessed Father in this. I just consider your post as God reassuring me I’ve made the right decisions.

  6. So very true. Thank you Lynn.

  7. Praise God! Simply liberating. Thank you so very much.

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