Angels All Around, Part 4

Angels All Around, Part 4

Acts chapter 8 shares with us another angelic account. A revival had broken out in Jerusalem and they were proclaiming the Gospel through the villages. An angel came to Phillip and told him to go a specific route to Jerusalem. He did and on the way, he met a man in a chariot. The man in the chariot was an Ethiopian government official in charge of the treasury. When Philip saw him in the chariot, he heard him reading from the book of Isaiah.

Philip asked the eunuch, “Do you know what you’re reading?”

This was the door for Philip to minister the Gospel to this man who was a high-ranking official. The eunuch received the Lord that day. Just imagine what that did to the nation of Ethiopia! Angels are sometimes used to give direction to help advance the work of God.

Tomorrow, I want to share one more story with you about an angelic encounter my husband had. Until then, ponder all that the Christmas story holds for us through the ministry of angels!


  1. I believe in angelic help sent from God and believe due to the times we are in, we will be more and more in need of their intervention and help. And I do so wish to hear more of your teachings in any subject you feel led to share with us.

    • Thank you for sharing, I believe in angelic help. I see them as many colors, when they are near you feel a beam of love. They do as commented by our father even where and when to go.

  2. I to have at lease three encounters with angels, i”m sure their were many more. Thank you for sharing.

  3. jerome a blackwell

    Thank you for sharing

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