Angels All Around, Part 3

Angels All Around, Part 3

A couple years ago, a national publication told this story of an angelic encounter. Two construction divers were working on a bridge. It was cold outside so they were wearing their cold-water gear and cold-water suits. At the end of the day, they were driving home and noticed a bunch of rescue vehicles pulled off the side of the road by a pond. A young seven-year-old boy had been playing on the ice and had fallen through.

Rescue efforts were hindered because a creek ran through the pond. The creek made the ice unstable and had swept the little boy downstream under the ice. Because of that, the little boy was no longer directly under the hole in the ice and they couldn’t find him.

One of the construction divers put on his suit and gear and dived down through the hole in the ice. When he came up, he said the water was very murky and a very strong current was coming from the creek. It could have swept the boy anywhere so the search was hopeless.

Then the diver looked up and saw a blond haired man across the ice in a windbreaker. He was pointing to a spot on the ice beneath his feet. The construction worker dove back into the water and swam to the place where this blond-haired man was and they discovered the little boy. They pulled him back through the hole in the ice and handed him to the rescue team. Miraculously, the child’s brain and cardiovascular system had gone into a suspended state, and they were able to revive him.

After the rescue, the construction diver, being a Christian, looked around for the blond haired man in the windbreaker, but he was nowhere to be found. A few days later, the construction worker went to the hospital to see the little boy, bringing him a small gift of an angel figurine, convinced he had an angel visitation. When the little boy received the figurine, he said, “Yes, I know. An angel came yesterday into my hospital room and said, ‘I wanted to meet you for I am very glad that you are alive.’”

These kinds of accounts are everywhere. If you go online, you can read all about angelic rescues. Isn’t it beautiful that God in His mercy sends angels or even groups of angels to manifest and invade this realm to bring deliverance to us?

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