A Prayer for Today’s Youth

A Prayer for Today’s Youth

Father God, today we make mention of the youth in this next generation, not just the ones we know, but also those across this nation and the world. We pray for an encounter with You, the One who can change everything.

Grant them a spirit of wisdom and revelation of insight into mysteries and secrets in the deep and intimate knowledge of You. Open eyes, hearts, and ears as only You can do. May all in this next generation know and understand the calling You’ve placed upon them, the inheritance You’ve given them, and what You, Father, have positioned them for and their purpose in this time and hour.

We pray specifically for those who are far away from You; meet those who are wandering aimlessly. Meet them with Your supernatural power and the anointing of the Holy Ghost. May they experience Your presence and be drawn to You in a new way.

We pray for those who are wondering whether You care about them, if You know their names, if You heal, what their destinies are, and if they can have an effect on this world. Father, we know that You even caused this wonder. We pray for each person who is wondering about You and pray that connection would be made to You. Bring each one of them a personalized, detailed experience with You. Bring them personalized moments with the Holy Spirit that only You can give.

We thank You, Father, for a ramping up. A shift has come in the heavenly; the operation of Your Spirit is going forth in a greater measure and a greater way to effect the next generation. May the power of God—the power that raised Jesus from the dead—become like a heat-seeking missile that goes and finds those who need You.

We ask for deposits of Your grace and mercy in operation by the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus. We ask for supernatural encounters for the youth of America as well as the youth of the nations. Reach them supernaturally. Reach those in the most secluded and isolated places.

We pray for Your divine presence at every educational venue in America: our high schools, colleges, elementary schools, and preschools. Make Yourself real. Make Yourself plain. Set up divine aid and assistance of Your Spirit. Reveal Yourself to the next generation so they would personally know Your power and Your glory.

Father, we thank You for pastors and spiritual leaders across the world. Give them ideas and new avenues to influence and cause children to come to You. Give them divine wisdom for this time and age.

We believe our prayers are making a corridor for You to encounter our youth and release Your power upon them. We praise You, God, for You are a God who answers when we call. We agree for these things to be done in the precious name of Jesus, amen.


  1. Leonard M Waldner

    Amen & amen!

  2. i know that GOD will always their for us not just in times of our troubles but anytime he is their trough our lord jesus christ with the intercession of the intercession of the holy spirit.AMEN

  3. Such a wonderful prayer! Our youth today is lost and many have even lost respect for authority. This prayer focuses exactly on what we should be praying for. Thank you for sharing.

    • Saundra Stevenson

      Thank you for the wonderful prayer for our youth. We encounter youth at the Job Corps in Washington DC area and have a faith based program which has regular meetings and bible study. We recently started a 5:45 am challenge for 15 minutes of powerful prayer.

      I was seeking the Lord about prayer this morning and found your beautiful prayer.

      Thank you so much for your ministry. I found you and your husband many years ago and am so glad to get updated information on this site concerning your ministry activities. May the Lord continue to speak to you in every way possible by the power of Holy Spirit in Jesus Name. Amen.

  4. Maurice Omondi

    May God our Lord grant the youths more wisdom xo that they may live according His will!!!

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