A Prayer for Today!

A Prayer for Today!

Father, right now in the name of Jesus, we thank you for what you are doing in the earth. We thank You that this shaking is SHAKING things loose, breaking open those ancient wells releasing glory on the earth. We praise You for all that You are doing on our behalf and bringing your Angel Army reinforcements from heaven. We thank you for your governing angels who right now stand with us in a divine coalition – a merger of forces – ready to push forth and break free the plans and purposes of the greatest outpouring of your glory and power.

Father, we stand here in accordance with Your Word, praying for those in authority in America and the nations of the world. Unwrap and reveal Your divine purpose in their lives. Light their paths. Give them discernment, wisdom, and knowledge to make godly decisions for their nations. 

From our seat of authority we decree: you forces of evil, powers and principalities, rulers of darkness, spiritual wickedness in high places – you must stop, cease, and desist your activities! You will not hinder the work of the church and according to Matthew 16:18-19, the gates of hell will not prevail against us, the church. We have the keys of the kingdom in our possession. We are the apostolic praying church, the Remnant Triumphant Reserve who will call those things that be not as though they are and will use our authority to bind and loose with all heaven backing our declarations!

You’ve given Your angels charge over us as Your heirs, to keep us in all of our ways, to defend us and preserve us.  You’ve instructed us to decree a thing, and it shall be established.

Just as Elisha instructed and helped King Joash to shoot an arrow of Your deliverance.  Father, we declare and decree that Your assembled Angel Army will release arrows of deliverance at strangleholds of demonic forces, demonic holds on the institutions of our government and other governments around the world.  This is the time and this is the hour.  We take authority over these forces of evil and we DECREE that we, the church, are able to operate free and loosed from these demonic holds.

Angels, we decree – carry our words aligned with the Word of God to target the evil schemes of the anti-Christ agendas that come against Your church. We loose arrows of deliverance to target the deception; the anti-Semitism and the anti-Christ doctrine that has been taught to our children and declare those doctrines are crushed and broken by the arrows targeted by the angelic armies.  We declare – proper aim, precise aim shot at the correct target, against the agenda of the anti-Christ.

We decree the arrow of deliverance shot at the demonic, anti-Christ forces and agenda trying to undermine our President, Congress, and Supreme Court.  Thank You, Father, for the arrow that struck against the coup d’état that tried to bring down our President.  Continue to guard and protect our President, his administration, and cabinet. Give them supernatural intelligence, discernment, wisdom, and boldness to carry out the plans the arrows have enabled. Reveal to each one their anointed purpose to lead our nation in the biblical foundations of our historical past and in the true admonition of the Lord.  We pray a cocoon, a hedge of protection around all of them; Psalm 91 – cover them all with the blood of Jesus Christ, the Anointed One. In this day and this hour, we pray extra protection, courage and strength for our Attorney General William Barr that he may breakthrough the evil barricades and root out all the hidden evil and secret plots of the enemy.

We decree arrows to penetrate their deep bunkers of evil and bring those responsible before the courts of heaven. We authorize and decree arrows to be loosed to strike the enemies of God and His church.  Great deliverance from the claws and talons of the wicked one, striking blows against the anti-Christ agendas against the church.

We decree and send an arrow to obliterate the unjust, corrupt media, but not the righteous media.  The lies and deceit are targeted by the arrow, opened up and revealed for all to see.  Expose their motives and intent and open the eyes of the people to see the evil untruths that the unjust media spews.  We declare they are obliterated, bankrupt, taken down and their credibility destroyed. 

Angels are on assignment and the arrows shot forth will destroy some things and leave devastation; others will break apart and expose for all to see the reality of the evil; yet others will release the purposes of God and cut the cords that the enemy has used for bondage.

The battle lines are drawn. Our decrees are shot by angels anointed to carry our words to destroy the works of the enemy and free God’s people to reveal Who You are. Our unified armies are challenging the thrones of iniquity, idolatry, and rebellion. We ARE cleaning up the environment – cleaning it and freeing it for Your purpose for the world You created.

Father, we ask you in the name of Jesus, to help us to manage the time, Your Time, in this time of The Shaking and greatest outpouring. Help us to hear your voice clearer, and be ready to obey as we co-labor with the Angel Armies on Assignment.

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